4 Important Features of ISO Certified Packaging

The four best-known features of ISO certified packaging work are medical, regulatory adherence, environmental sustainability and distribution capabilities. The package testing facilities are now in place in strategic and central locations across the world and not just in your home state. The testing facilities and the technicians that operate them are also ANAB accredited. A range of testing and monitoring processes inform this business.

In order to preserve the integrity of your medical goods, processes being utilized include drop testing, monitoring seal and burst strength, ageing and the testing of temperatures, and in particular, humid conditions. The packaging testing work will remain focused om pharmaceutical packaging and dangerous goods for the foreseeable future, and for good reason, as well you can imagine.

package testing

Qualified, licensed and experienced technicians are responsible for accurate results outcomes. They are also customer service oriented in the sense that they can assist you to make best practice decisions about your particular set of products and packaging requirements. Quality and performance is assured for all medical stakeholders. As already hinted at earlier, every effort is made to always adhere to industry and international regulatory requirements.

That is correct, regulatory adherence does not only apply to your home state or port. Industry standard and legislation approved packaging and testing is also a sustainable development. Not only is every care being taken to preserve your local and operating environment, every measure is being taken to conserve and look after the broader environment. And it is standard practice to make sure that all distributions are carried out as safely as possible, no matter where in the world the packaged goods are being shipped to or received at.

In all instances, documentation will be provided to secure your stock and produce evidence that it has been fully passed for safe distribution.